Sunday, December 6, 2009

December .... already? What Happened????

Wow! Seems that after this busy summer, winter hybernation hit me hard and fast! (Like in early fall.) Unlike the fruits and veggies, we haven't completely shutdown, just slowed down ... a lot! Which is nice. We are enjoying the swans and eagles that have migrated to our area.

Doug is working on an "alpaca tractor" a larger version of a chicken tractor, building more raised beds, and getting bids for the repair of the foundation of our barn. (Plus, he has a full-time away from home job!)

Bob (winter intern/farm hand/) is coming over a couple of times a month, weather permitting. He's helped clean out the raised beds, plant elephant garlic (a variety of leeks), carrots, hyacinth bulbs and last week we pruned a few fruit trees.

We will be getting the green house prepped, whipping up some seed starting mix, and planting flower and celery seeds shortly. (YAY ... I'm excited!)

Met with Timi and Donna on Friday, 12/4. Timi is putting together a bus tour, Come Junk With Us for the Farm Chicks Antique Show in June. She put together a tour bus to go to the Funky Junk Sisters in Puyallup. Holy Cow, that was fun! She had Jay (her husband) follow the bus with his pickup so if anyone bought something that wouldn't fit on/in/or under the bus, it could put in the pick-up. And, yes, I did buy something ... a Speed Queen Deluxe wringer washer! I love it! Many thanks to Jay for helping get it home. And to Timi, thank you for all of your hard work in putting the tour together. It was great fun! (Don't know what I'll do with the washer ... but I won't be changing it in any way ... it may become a salad spinner ... or set it up and actually use it. It's in that great of shape.)

Girlfriend Kathy and I went to an open house at Dusty Cellars Winery on Camano Island on Saturday, 12/5. It was their first weekend of the month open house. My first wine tasting, thank you, Kathy! Fun! It was interesting to talk to someone else who is transitioning a well-loved hobby to a great business!

Make it a great day and Merry Christmas to you and yours!