Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There's Hope!

I knew I hadn't posted for a while.  Didn't mean for it to be this long!  Happy New Year! 
The above picture was taken today from our back porch.  This is the wettest we have seen it all winter.  It doesn't take long for it to dry out, once the rain stops.  And, at least it isn't stinging rain.  You know, the kind that blows so hard against your face it stings. 

Been dreaming about and planning for the new season.  Working on Harvest Jubilee plans for September 22, 2012 when local farms will be open for a tour.  If you're just starting out, this is a great little tour, it's free and you will get a lot of ideas about growing, farming, sustainability and one farm is focusing on permaculture. 

So, this weekend, Doug and I were out trying to get ideas for putting together a chicken tractor. (More on that later!)  We were at a farm store wondering around, and I heard him exclaim, "hey, come over here, you've got to see this!"  Yup, I saw it alright.  Oh, no!  Garden seeds!  Great selection of certified organic seeds from Irish Eyes, Botanical Interests, Lake Valley Organics.  Great prices too!  They had other seed companies represented, but we had to stick with the organics.  Plus, after two hours of trying to remember what we already had, picking up packets and putting them back, we finally got out of there.  And yes, Doug did buy some seeds ... two packages?  I think.  Make it a great day and think spring!