Monday, October 15, 2018

We have a Winner!

Here are two of several Hubbard's that we grew this year.  The Hubbard on the left weighed in at 18 lbs.  

The Hubbard on the right was our contest prize.  It weighed in at 43.7 lbs.  We had two guesses that were the same and the closest.  Therefore, the person who guessed the closest weight first, is the winner.   But we will provide a second prize to the second place winner. 

And just how does one get to the innards?  If you google Hubbard Squash - one of the ways to get them open is to drop them!  Who knew?  Thanks AS for sharing. 

Thank you all for being a good sport and participating.  We will be in touch! 

Make it a great day!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Par for the Course ...

Oh, my gourd!

For those of you who have large garden spaces, Hubbard squashes are fun and easy to grow.  The green thumb swells with pride each time one of these giants is found partially hidden under their leaves.  

Due to their massive size, we don't typically grow regular Hubbard Squash to sell.  Instead, we look for the smaller varieties, one's that will feed a family of four, rather than fourteen.

So, earlier this year while shopping for seeds, we found a seed packet labeled "Baby Blue Hubbard".   Emphasis on "Baby".  (The clue, if paid attention to) should have been the five seeds and their size.  Ah, 'par for the course' we learn something new every year. 

"Baby Blue" was referring to the color of the Hubbard, not the size.  For comparative purposes, that's a golf ball resting against the vine.   
Lower left - muck boot. 
Make it a great day!  

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Beautiful, bountiful, abundant, delicious

The best way for us to test for winter squash ripeness, is to roast a couple up and give them a good ol' taste test.  Yup, they're ready for market.  Below are the most recent 'tests'.     

Sweet meat cleaned and seeded winter squash with steam vents.  On the Right 'seeded' spaghetti squash with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Ready to go into a 350 oven for about 40 minutes or until done. 
Scarlet Nantes carrots, harvested this a.m. (9-13) and ready for sorting.  

Currently sorted and ready for sale.  Samples of carrot, cucumber and kohlrabi available in the cooler.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Got Corn? Yup, fresh and sweet!

As soon as this basket o'corn is empty, it's restocked. 
What a beautiful, busy time of year - the produce stand is in it's full glory!  In addition to what is currently "in stock", i.e. corn, potatoes, kohlrabi, beets, cucumbers, peppers, acorn and spaghetti squash; soon carrots, tomatoes, and a variety of apples will be ready.   (Seriously, is it really September?)
Just about ready!  Pretty to look at.  Fresh apples, off the tree and directly into the stand.

We're open by noon, if not earlier, until dusk, 7 days a week. Our produce is guaranteed.  If you buy something that is not up to your standards, it will be replaced.   Make it a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Success! We are open!

We've spent since early spring getting ready for today.  And boy howdy are we ready!  We have the best garden we have had in years!  Just took us a while to get the stand ready to serve the public.

Our stand will be open from noon (for sure) to dusk every day, except Tuesday.  We will be restocking the stand regularly.  Currently we have summer squashes, Japanese eggplant, variety of sweet peppers, potatoes (Yukon Gold, Red Lasoda, Pioneer Russet), cabbage, beets, kohlrabi, cucumbers.  With lots more to come!  Sweet corn, carrots, onions, pumpkins, .... 'n' more.
These pictures represent what's in the stand for the week of August 20, 2018.  Since we only sell what we grow - we are very seasonal and subject to Mother Nature's grace. 

Love this time of year!  (If you don't like vegetables, then you haven't tasted ours!) 

Make it a great day!  Feel free to text 425-220-3904 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dream Come True!

Dream Come True - that's the name of the top three roses in this picture.  Couldn't have said it any better.  
Yay bees!  Finally!  Was worried.  Welcome sight!  Our vegetable and fruit production go way up when we have bees living on our property.   Bought more Mason bee houses this year. 
Certified Organic potatoes - 50 lbs each Yukon Gold and Red La Soda; 25 lbs. of California White; 10 lbs each Pioneer Russet and Yellow Finn.  Recently purchased from   Cut and ready to be planted. 

We are about 4 weeks ahead of last year's plantings.  Amazing what a couple of weeks of dry weather can do.  Corn soaking and ready to be planted soon.  Pumpkin starts saved from volunteers, onion sets, tomato starts, etc, etc. More to follow.  Make it a great day.     

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Special Delivery!

Oh, happy day ... and here comes the long awaited produce stand!

Love at first sight!  14x28

Front view.  The building was re-positioned so the front will be facing the road.     

Through the kitchen window.  More to follow.