Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dream Come True!

Dream Come True - that's the name of the top three roses in this picture.  Couldn't have said it any better.  
Yay bees!  Finally!  Was worried.  Welcome sight!  Our vegetable and fruit production go way up when we have bees living on our property.   Bought more Mason bee houses this year. 
Certified Organic potatoes - 50 lbs each Yukon Gold and Red La Soda; 25 lbs. of California White; 10 lbs each Pioneer Russet and Yellow Finn.  Recently purchased from www.risheyesgardenseeds.com   Cut and ready to be planted. 

We are about 4 weeks ahead of last year's plantings.  Amazing what a couple of weeks of dry weather can do.  Corn soaking and ready to be planted soon.  Pumpkin starts saved from volunteers, onion sets, tomato starts, etc, etc. More to follow.  Make it a great day.     

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Special Delivery!

Oh, happy day ... and here comes the long awaited produce stand!

Love at first sight!  14x28

Front view.  The building was re-positioned so the front will be facing the road.     

Through the kitchen window.  More to follow.  

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Back in the Blogging "Saddle"

One of several projects happening.  Upon realizing that we have the skills to organically maintain fertile raised bed soil, the ease with which an older adult is able to weed and plant a raised bed, and best of all, how early we can start planting, we're going for permanency (at least in our lifetimes).   Originally our first attempt at raised beds was not permanent - since we didn't know what we were doing, (duh?)  we allowed ourselves an out - just in case we didn't like the location or had a massive failure at maintaining the soil in the beds. (Or the morning glory sneaked in and took over when we weren't looking.)  We filled our older raised bed concrete blocks with sand.   Over the 10 years of their existence,  the sand has "leaked" out, causing the corners of some of the beds to collapse, and it was necessary to weed the uncovered blocks.  To prevent the weeding and loss of sand, we laid plastic decking down over the blocks - which drew in wasps and left a place for slugs to hide.  Not whining - just going over the learning experience.   

 Since we already had all of the blocks (yes, for 10 years - see stack) and we aren't getting any younger (hope someone figures that out) the decision was made to build new mortared raised beds.  This is the first course - not sure yet how high, but at least three high, up to four.  Expensive?  Yes. (So is boating.)  Investment?  Yup.

Getting ready for the new produce stand.  The deep tracks in the lower right corner are from where the dump truck got stuck unloading part of the gravel base.  And if it weren't for a kind neighbor driving by with his HUGE tractor, the dump truck might still be sitting here!  (Not really, we would have figured something out.)   I didn't get to see it, otherwise I would have posted an interesting picture of it.  We're bringing in a bit more rock for improved parking.  The stakes indicate where the new stand will be sitting.   All built and ready for delivery - just waiting for ground to dry out a bit more. 

Make it a beautiful day!   

Monday, March 26, 2018

Change Can Happen Mighty Quick!

Here we are in November, 2017.  A hard rain was coming down, the wind was howling, swirling through the valley.  We were warm and snug in our little stucco farmhouse.  Surfing the web, drinking coffee, planning and looking forward to our 2018 growing season.  In fact, our farmhouse does such a nice job protecting us from the weather, including August's hot sun, we didn't realize the direction or ferocity of this November storm. 

At the computer, I heard a "thunk" noise, but didn't get up to look outside.  Doug happened to be coming from the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee and looked out the living room picture window that looks out to our produce stand. 

This picture is what that "thunk" sound was.  A southeast gust of wind had smacked up under the overhang.  It flipped our produce stand completely upside down on it's roof.  Must have been more than a gust of wind!  Our produce stand had been sitting in this location since 2010, it was built out of 2x6 construction, there was an attached deck with steps, flower pots sitting on each side of the deck, and a cooler sitting inside of it.  Deep breath, and a sigh.   Call the insurance company.

The stand was left upside down in the yard for a while, in order for the yard to dry out enough to drive on and for us to mourn, decide how/what would replace it.   We tried several things including checking with tow truck companies for ideas,  purchasing new straps to wrap around the stand, pulling on it with the tractor, and hearing loud cracking sounds while tugging on it, Doug was unable to roll it back to it's original position.  Did I say, we (me and Doug) loved that produce stand!  The only decision left was to take it apart.  It was tough, not only because it was so well built, but that it was such a fun part of our farm. 

So, we were left with no other choice but to replace the stand.  The new stand will have more storage/produce space.  Being surrounded by bright green pastures, and sitting in front of a big bright red (eventually) barn, our lemon twist yellow farm stand will definitely be noticed by passers-by.  See next picture:
Don't you just love a happy ending?   As soon as the ground dries out and the new gravel is brought in, we will be setting up our new yellow produce stand.  Make it a great day! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

So many projects, so little time!  One of the projects is to "fire" up this blog and post what's happening on the farm.  2017 gardening season got off to a slow start due to our main gardens staying so wet until well into June.  We didn't do so well with the cool crops, but the warm weather crops went gangbusters!  The Zucchini and patty pan squashes produced all summer long - it was awesome!  Finally opened the produce stand in late August.  It's a joy to be able to grow healthy, high quality reasonably priced food.  Stay tuned! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Apple Blossoms

Took these while mowing.  Spring is always a busy time around here.  Getting the gardens tilled, transplanting strawberries, figs, and kiwi.  More pictures to follow. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Knee High by the Fourth of July! Yes!

Doug posing in the corn in the small garden next to the barn. This corn was planted on May 3rd.  We planted another crop on May 8 out in our Main Production Garden and the seed rotted in the ground.  So, this year we won't have a really BIG corn crop, this one will work. We'll save the extra corn seed for next year.  Buckwheat and rye cover crops will be planted and we'll plan and dream of corn for next year.   

Below, Doug - 'Out standing' in his field.  And yes, the corn is really knee high.  It's been soooo long since we've been able to grow a decent crop of corn.  Our fields stay wet for so long in the spring that it's tough to get the corn planted early enough for it to ripen by BBQ time. 

Oh, that's a 'deadly' cabbage moth net (formerly known as a fish net) that he is holding.  We had a cabbage moth derby one year, he won with 121, but I came in a close second with 118.  

1937 Dodge with a boatload of flowers.  This picture doesn't do it justice ... unless you can click on it to bring it up closer.  Just another fun, small project.  

Take good care.  Not sure if we will get the produce stand opened.  Just starting our CSA season ... always look forward to that!