Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ready Set Grow! .... Hopefully!

Don't know about you and yours, but the spring storm that hit a couple of weeks ago, knocked our socks off, not to mention knocked over the fountain. If you look at the Dec blog, you will see the fountain standing!

We not only got hit hard by the wind, but it's been so cold that the veggies are having a hard time getting started. Even the cool crops that like the cold weather. AARRGGGHHHH!

Just because we're getting off to a slow start, isn't slowing down the planting! We've got onions, lettuce, beets, garlic, garlic chives, carrots and peas planted. We'll be working on spinach and radishes this next week.

Oh, and my WSDA organic inspector will be meeting with me in the a.m. Looking forward to a good report card! (As a side note: Our vegetable growing operation is listed on the state's website. Every business that is certified organic by WSDA is listed by county on the State's website. We're proud to be a part the program and our customers can be confident that we are growing the best veggies that Mother Nature will allow!)

So, since we are getting started on our planting, I will be more diligent about keeping our blog updated. We have a lot of new projects happening. Feel free to e-mail me at bydenmythyme@hotmail.com if you have questions about what we are doing.