Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farm to Fork Dinner. Is It Really Over?

Wow!  Pretty good when the hosts even have a great time!  Yup, I'm talking about our Farm to Fork Dinner event that we had on July 16.  We so enjoyed visiting with everyone. 

The picture is of the band that we had playing, Cabin Fever.  They are really a great group, good music and friendly.   Our guests wanted to sit around and listen to them play after their awesomely delicious meal.   But, we had asked them to start playing a little bit too early.  They played and sang for about four hours.  It was wonderful toe tapping fun!

After all of the turmoil it took to get ready, including trying to figure out how to keep the insistent swallows out of the dining area; all of the favors we pulled in from family and friends, equipment breaking down, produce not ready, it deserves repeating:  "We had a great time and it was because of all of the nice people who attended."  We can't ask for anything better than that!  And, yes of course, we will do it again! 

Why?  Because of the wonderful group of people that we met.  And how blessed we are that all were so gracious.  Don't even think it's about the money.  Someday, it will have to be, but not yet.  Everyone totally understood that Mom Nature really does affect what we eat and when we eat it.  Aside from the fact that the food wasn't produced on our farm, it was still awesome!  Goes to show that local and fresh is what it's about!   Thanks to Chef Devra, author of Cavemen, Monks & Slow Food and her assistant Jade.  Chef Devra developed the halibut recipe just for our event and she was kind enough to put it on her blog for all to share.  The vegetable recipes (that everyone was raving about) were from Debra Daniels-Zeller's Cookbook, The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook.  Thank you to both of these sweet ladies for helping to make this event spectacular!  Speaking of sweet, dessert was from Stanwood Cupcakes.

If you didn't attend, you missed out on fabulous door prizes donated by Chef Devra, Authors Debra and Kathy, Discover Cooking With Lavendar.   

Next year we'll plan for later in the season and the meal will be "Chef's Surprise!"  or "Gardener's Surprise!"  

Check out the picture that Amber took of our Pasek Cellars wine table.  It was one of those days that started out rainy and windy, then around 3 p.m. the sun came out and provided our photographers with perfect lighting!   Take good care!