Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Chicks on the Block and Bucket O' Roots

Aren't they cute?  These are the four new chickens that Sheila and Brad brought to our farm a couple of weeks ago.  We think they are a really nice addition to our farm.  Even though they are chickens, black chested, white polish banties (?), ... I think, they eat like little piggies!  We think we have two hens and two roosters.  So far everyone is getting along well, but that could change when the hormones kick in.  (It sure did with the bunnies!  Another story.)  Thank you Brad and Sheila ... they are really fun and have great personalities.
Guess what this next picture is.  If you think it's morning glory roots, you would be right!  This was, in Anne's words ... a "bucket o' roots."  Not what the Colonel had in mind.  We, (Anne) dug these out of the flower bed.  After shaking the dirt off the roots, we put them in a black garbage bag and estimate that the roots weighed about 20 to 25 lbs.  If we tie the bag up real tight, they shouldn't escape!  We know that we didn't get all of the roots, but what a good dent! Along with slug patrol, we will also start a morning glory patrol.  Thus avoiding hostile morning glory take overs!  Which with morning glory, it could happen over night.  In order to save a lilac and a day lily, we took cuttings from each because their roots were hopelessly tangled with the morning glory.

So, what happened?  After digging and digging at the roots, toward the end of last season, I gave up ... oops!  NOT good!  But thanks to Anne and Doug's help, we're hoping to keep the flower bed semi weed free.  Doug spread some new bark nuggets down, so we have a great start.  Plus, weeding the flower bed keeps us busy while we're waiting for the gardens to dry out! 
Make it a great day!