Friday, July 5, 2013

Knee High by the Fourth of July! Yes!

Doug posing in the corn in the small garden next to the barn. This corn was planted on May 3rd.  We planted another crop on May 8 out in our Main Production Garden and the seed rotted in the ground.  So, this year we won't have a really BIG corn crop, this one will work. We'll save the extra corn seed for next year.  Buckwheat and rye cover crops will be planted and we'll plan and dream of corn for next year.   

Below, Doug - 'Out standing' in his field.  And yes, the corn is really knee high.  It's been soooo long since we've been able to grow a decent crop of corn.  Our fields stay wet for so long in the spring that it's tough to get the corn planted early enough for it to ripen by BBQ time. 

Oh, that's a 'deadly' cabbage moth net (formerly known as a fish net) that he is holding.  We had a cabbage moth derby one year, he won with 121, but I came in a close second with 118.  

1937 Dodge with a boatload of flowers.  This picture doesn't do it justice ... unless you can click on it to bring it up closer.  Just another fun, small project.  

Take good care.  Not sure if we will get the produce stand opened.  Just starting our CSA season ... always look forward to that!  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Just a few pictures that were taken early in the spring.  So far, it's been a beautiful 'growing' spring.  It's been too nice to be inside on the computer.  The small 'experimental' garden by the barn and all but one raised bed, are planted.  We have a small amount of corn, potatoes, carrots, beets, cucumbers and melons up.  All a testament to our wonderful spring growing weather ... and did you guess ... it's raining outside right now ... so, here I am at my computer! 

These blossoms are on a Satsuma plum tree ... the blossoms have fallen.  For the first time in two years, there is fruit in place of the blossoms.  Due to the drier spring, the bees were able to pollinate it.  For the past two years, spring was so wet, that the bees didn't fly.   All but a couple of our fruit trees have fruit on them.  If you look close, on the right is Cletus the goat and Winnie the pony. 

This was a little frog that was hiding in the weeds in the raised beds.  I was surprised at how close he let the camera get.  This was a great day for tackling the weed 'cover crop' in the raised beds. 
Make it a great day and I'll get out the trusty camera and take some current pictures ... these we taken sometime in early April. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Looking forward to Spring!

Here's why I'm looking forward to spring.  These pictures were taken Spring, 2012.  

Another picture from spring 2012.
Baby barn owl.  He fell out of his nest in the barn.
We took him to Sarvey's Wildlife Center.

We used leather gloves to pick this little guy up.
He was hissing at us the entire time we were
helping him.  Can't blame him.  We would
have put him back into his nest, but weren't sure if Mom
hadn't kicked him out.

Not sure what type of bird of prey this is. I thought it was
an eagle, but it could be a turkey vulture by the shape of
it's wings.
Ah, spring!  Check out that blue sky!