Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where did the Summer Go?

For that matter ... where did my life go?  Really, the last time I posted was in MAY?????!!!!  (I'll put some pictures of the carrots that we grew out here so you can see how beautiful they "are" ... and hopefully not "were."   They turned out awesome!)

Okay, so we had a wet spring and a lot of our produce got into the ground late, but this summer, and what a great summer it was ... we spent part of it at the Port Susan Farmer's Market in Downtown Stanwood (August 10 thru September 22).  We didn't attend the last market in order to get ready for Harvest Jubilee Farm Tour on September 22.

This is our fully loaded booth at the Famer's Market.  Wow!  Thank you to all of the area folks who supported the market.  Since Doug is still working away from the farm, I consider myself 1/2 of a "mom and pop" operation.  But we didn't do too bad, we pretty much sold everything that we brought to the market.  Which was an awesome surprise!  Also, for anyone who has ever had to make their living from attending various markets ... kudos to you!  It's definitely physical, i.e. loading, setting up and tearing down a canopy, not to mention stocking it full of product.  So, that was fun! We got to meet a lot of really nice people.  So, to all of the staff and volunteers who helped make the Farmer's Market a reality, AND the "shopping" support from the community ... .Doug (of Freshly Doug), myself and my staff say nice job and offer up a great big THANK YOU!  The Market opened up some real possibilities for our farm. 
We so had much going on this summer!  (Wait til you see Big Max ... he's our pumpkin that is still growing.)  Speaking of growing, we harvested zucchini's the size of newborn babies ... one of our customers asked if we would be swaddling them.  Too funny ... we might carve them ... or make 10,000 loaves of zucchini bread.  Also heard that Paula Deen's zucchini bread recipe is the BEST!  Ah, but I digress.  Apologies, at present count we estimate that we have harvested a little under 4,000 lbs. of produce from our gardens.  Not too shabby for '1/2' of a  Mom and Pop operation.  (Okay, I had help from Doug, Kelsey, Jake and Anne.  But, isn't the metaphor funny?) 
September 22, first day of fall ... we had our Farm Tour.  We set up our market stand and let people wander around the place.  One thing about it, we can have LOTS of weeds, but if we mow, it doesn't look too bad.  Below is a photo op that we set up for our visitors ... Slightly overdone ... but fun none the less.  (That's not Big Max pumpkin on the left ... that's one from Michael's and the paper mache apple on the right is a yard sale find.)  And, we did put some extra silk flowers in the 'bed' to make it more full.  The big sunflowers that were planed were stunted because the boat was actually too shallow for their roots, or they were planted over a boat seat.  You have to see it to understand it. 

Now that the "fall feel" is in the air, we should have some time to work inside, i.e. computer work, housework, sewing, knitting, laundry, etc.  You know, all those things that get neglected around here when the weather is awesome!  Or at least not raining.  Make it a great day and I'll keep you "posted" about our Farm Stand - it will be open from Oct 1 to October 31 ... caveat ... if freezing doesn't take us down.  Make it a great day!  It's good to be back on!  XXOO