Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air card down ... and out ... got a new one!

Yup, our blog was off line for more than two weeks ... took us that long to figure out our air card stopped working ... arrggghhhh ... diagnosing a computer problem is much harder and more frustrating than pulling weeds!

In the meantime, to our CSA subscribers ... the eggplant this week was small ... they should get bigger as the season continues. We planted several varieties, including the big "egg" shaped ones. Their growth is slower than we would like, but we still have 4 to 5 weeks of growing time left. And, ha, ha, they're all under cover in the hoop house ... yay! So, hopefully, they'll start doing something. Feel free to share recipes. (We slice them real thin, then stir fry lightly in olive oil ... they're great with the zucchini and onions.)

AND, we picked the William's Pride apples about a week earlier than they should have been picked. This weeks delivery should be a bit sweeter, if not, let them sit, they should ripen up nicely ... if you got one with blemishes, (oops) just cut it away and enjoy what's left (please).

There was a great picking of peppers this week ... and they will continue to get better and better ... the more we pick a peck of peppers ... the more we get ... (sorry, couldn't {LOL} help myself.)

  • The spaghetti and buttercup squashes are coming on nicely ... they should be ready for next week's delivery. (Got a pumpkin that's turning orange ... yay, again!)
  • No sign of any butternut squash ... they're in there somewhere ...
  • Lots of carrots, another whole row of carrots that we're pouring the water to, should be ready in about two weeks.
  • Another picking of beets will be ready soon, possibly next week.
  • We will dig Yukon Gold spuds for next week's delivery ... our test digs turned up some hollow ones ... so that might be an issue.
  • Lots of green tomatoes ... no red ones ... not even red cherries ... patience.
  • We're starting to see a lot of ears on the corn ... and yes, the local corn is starting to come on ... more patience.
  • The Chehalis apples are doing well and should be ripe within the next week or two ... will run our taste test ... they're real close.
  • Wait til you see the size of the onions ... holy cow, they're awesome!

As a side note: Last year we had saved some potatoes and squashes to deliver mid-winter ... just as a bonus ... but our storage facility (the old uninsulated milk room off the barn, which we had used in years past) didn't hold up to the unexpected long-term freezing that we had. So, this year, at the end of the season we'll be gathering up and delivering some extra potatoes, yellow storage onions, and winter squashes for our customers. If this extra delivery is a storage problem for you, please let us know ... the extra that our CSA customers can't use will be donated to the Stanwood food bank.

Also, we do guarantee our product, so if you receive something that is not up to your standards, please let us know and we will replace it.

Whew! Not usually this long winded ... well, okay, sometimes ... but two weeks is a mighty long time to be off line! Thanks for your patience! AND, YOU have a great day! Keep smiling.

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