Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Surprises!

It's so amazing to me how quickly time whizzes by! Didn't I just update this blog last week? Uh ... NO! That would be last month? Really?

So, here's some small farm news! We met up today with Sheila at Smokey Point Plant Farm. She brought us a copy of the newly released book "The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook" by Debra Daniels-Zeller (

Yay! New veggie recipes! I like it and will share the recipes with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) customers. It helps answer the question: What am I going to do with 12 bazillion pounds of beets (or insert veggie of choice) ??!!!! The recipes look great! Can't wait to try them using our fresh produce. (Oh, here's a small point ... Whispering Winds Farm is listed in the book as well. AND, there is a picture of our heritage barn in the book too!)
This great book is available from the author through her blog or Amazon. Yes, I am blatantly marketing this book ... timely topic to go with fresh tomatoes!
Yes, Virginia, there are ripe tomatoes in our hoop house! The second surprise! Happy Day! Yay!

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