Friday, September 30, 2011

Produce Stand - Sept, 30, Oct 1, 2 and 3

This is a picture of Dave and Sonja Austin.  They are harvesting honey from the hives that they keep on our place.  After I took this picture, Sonja shared some honey comb with me.  Yum, I had never eaten raw honey that way.  Not sure how the honey harvest is going to go for them, but they provided the produce stand with some awesome local honey ... very reasonably priced.  Best of all, fresh and local. 

So, there will be honey, priced between $6 and $9 a jar, depending upon the size of the container.  We also will stock creamed honey. 

Sophie, a close friend, figured out how to recycle her woodworking sawdust and old candles.  She made them into fire starters.  They work really well and burn about 20 minutes.  Great deal at 75 cents each or (as she says with a grin) two for a $1.  Great idea, since she and her hubby Dick love to do woodworking projects.  She is also a fabulous knitter. 

Veggies currently stocked include beets and beet greens, swiss chard, cucumbers, kale, zucchini, crookneck squash, patty pan, scallopini, red and white potatoes, winter squashes: buttercup and delicata, spaghetti.  If you like butternut, you will love buttercup.  Anne and I spent this a.m. harvesting most of it.  So, it's good, fresh and nutritious!  Also, if we have some thing listed and you don't see it when you stop by, feel free to give me a call.  We think vine ripened is best. 

The goal is to keep the stand open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11 ish to dark through the end of October.  (Unless we sell out, then we'll take the signs down and close 'er up.) But if the nights cool down to into the low 30's, it will slow or stop veggie production.  Can't complain, though, it has been a magnificent late summer!  Make it a great day! 

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