Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dream Come True!

Dream Come True - that's the name of the top three roses in this picture.  Couldn't have said it any better.  
Yay bees!  Finally!  Was worried.  Welcome sight!  Our vegetable and fruit production go way up when we have bees living on our property.   Bought more Mason bee houses this year. 
Certified Organic potatoes - 50 lbs each Yukon Gold and Red La Soda; 25 lbs. of California White; 10 lbs each Pioneer Russet and Yellow Finn.  Recently purchased from www.risheyesgardenseeds.com   Cut and ready to be planted. 

We are about 4 weeks ahead of last year's plantings.  Amazing what a couple of weeks of dry weather can do.  Corn soaking and ready to be planted soon.  Pumpkin starts saved from volunteers, onion sets, tomato starts, etc, etc. More to follow.  Make it a great day.     

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