Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Season ending - dusk October 28, 2018

A beautiful, bountiful season coming to a close.  Our produce stand will close for the season at dusk on October 28, 2018.  

We're in wonder and awe at how Mother Nature blessed us with her abundance! Yeah, I would say 800 ears of corn is an abundance. Too quickly over.  We are planning for next year by putting together seed lists and planting calendars.  Cleaning out the greenhouse. 

Our gardens are almost put to bed.  Cover crops planted and sprouting, old hay is laid down, the T-tape is getting picked up.   

As soon our gardens can be worked in the spring, we will get to planting.   See you in the Spring - watch this space for exact date.  Hoping for May, but it could be June.  

Thank you for stopping by and purchasing veggies from our produce stand.  

To your health!  All the best, Doug and Char

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