Saturday, May 29, 2010

Got Rain?

This is a holding tray that over the past couple of days filled with rain water. We did have about an inch of water in the bottom of the tray prior to the rain. Getting ready to plant more lettuce. Here's where procrastination paid off ... didn't loose any seeds. The trays are now out of the weather, ... in the barn ... under lights. (This is such a waste ... we'll need the water in July/August. And thus are the laments of a gardener!)

You wouldn't believe how much standing water we have! These pictures don't let you appreciate the slogging around the back yard. Best stay off of it.

Just more water at the base of the main garden ... we're getting a much later start than we anticipated. Potatoes are under the burlap, pac choi is the little bit of green that can be seen in one of the rows.

Ah, spring, and to think the day before we mowed thru this spot! This is the pond that forms at the lower end of our main garden. When this is full, the garden doesn't drain as well. (See the above picture.) We think this is more water than we had in January and February! (These pictures were taken on May 28. The ducks are happy and ready to move in. LOL!)

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