Thursday, May 6, 2010

Researching ...... and Waiting!

Waiting for what? Waiting for the yard/garden to dry out, weather to warm up, wind to stop blowing for ... 5 minutes, please! Didn't I read somewhere where April's average temperature was lower than January's? HMMMMM.

Enough with the whining! (Sorry, can't help myself, gotta lot a garden' to do and I'm ready! YAY!)

On with the reason for my blog ... for those of you who are a part of our CSA. This year Seeds of Change offered 'stevia' seeds. Some thing new ... I'll try it!

Quickly ... Stevia is a plant native to South America. It's MUCH sweeter than sugar. True! I pinched a small piece of a leaf from one of the starts in the greenhouse, and as Cisco Morris would say OOOOOOO LA LAAAAA. Wow! It was really sweet. According to this article, it's been around for a long time! (Author's note: I don't know if Cisco has ever tasted stevia ... I just like the way he says OOOOOOOO LA LAAAAA when he's all excited!)

Anyway, at one point there was some controversy over Stevia's use in the U.S. The controversy seems to be subsiding a bit. If you would like to read an FDA comment, go to the FDA site and search 'stevia.' A couple of short blurbs will come up. Apologies, couldn't get the direct link to the comment(s) work.

Looking forward to a great weekend! Make it a great day!

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  1. So, you you grow your own stevia? That's cool! I use SweetLeaf stevia, myself...