Monday, November 1, 2010

New for 2011 Season!

This picture was taken from our second floor. If you look toward the horizon on the far right (north) was our 2010 garden. The hoop house with the green peppers in it is still standing. The two brown areas to the left (south) of our 2010 garden are our expansion areas.

Center garden has about 300 bales of grass hay around it. The grass hay will be hand spread over our "trashings" (not real trash, just aged dead weeds, vegetable trimmings, etc. We don't call it compost because the "trash" isn't being regularly turned or held at required temperatures for three or more days.) and of course, alpaca manure. This will sit until spring, minimum of six months, if not more. Then, in the spring, weather dependent, it will be turned under and the area will be prepared for planting.

The far left (southern most) garden was spread with aged cow manure, and it also will sit undisturbed through the winter.
So, we have three 70x260 foot areas! Yay! What fun will that be????? And, you ask, what will happen with all those veggies? Wa La! Coming soon, to a farm near you ... a Produce Stand!
Make it a great day! And stay warm and cozy!

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