Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Happens When the Earthworm Crosses the Road?

It makes a profile that looks like a twig or in some cases a branch. Interesting. It took a few winter storms for one of us to actually get out of the car and take a look at the "twigs." We don't have a lot of trees around us, so it was a mystery where the "twigs" were coming from. Not twigs ... Just for perspective, the coin ... seriously, is a quarter. So, what's amazing about the earthworm, is the shear numbers of them. The OTHER thing that is so amazing is that once in a while ... Grand Poppa goes on vacation.

This guy did NOT want his picture taken, and was very motivated to get away from the camera. It surprised me how fast he could move. Very camera shy!
This actually isn't the biggest earth worm that we have seen. Hopefully, this winter, we can get a picture of GREAT Grand Poppa ... (or GREAT Grand Momma? I can't tell.)
It's nice to know they're out there working away improving the soil in such huge numbers! It must be a family trait ... NONE of them would smile for the camera! Make it a great day!

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