Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hoop House Down ... but not out!

Well, that was quick. We knew the hoop houses were temporary, but not THAT temporary. Last week we had a pretty strong wind blow through. It completely blew the plastic off the tomato house and broke two of the front PVC pipes, right at the base of the hoop house on the right. So, the wind was pretty strong! It won't be difficult to fix them ... we just need to replace the two broken PVC end pipes and recover them with the plastic sheeting. The hardest thing will be to untangle the rope that lashed the plastic down.
Today we had another strong wind ... so we took the plastic off the second house and will be waiting for calm weather to put them both back together. Shouldn't take much, since the frame work is all done. It's warm enough that the veggies should be okay for a few days. Make it a great day!

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