Monday, June 22, 2009

Hoop House Part III - Finished with Plantings

Here are the two completed hoop houses. And, yes, I must admit that they have been completed for a while. I wanted the pictures to show the plants, the weed cloth and the watering system.

The one on the left has two sixty foot rows of tomatoes. And there are actually tomatoes growing on the vines. (Big Smile) This is great news for us! We haven't been able to grow a good tomato crop for two years. (arrrggghhh)

The hoop house on the right has two sixty foot rows of eggplants and two sixty foot rows of peppers. The eggplants are growing and doing well, the peppers are still in shock over being transplanted a bit later than they would have liked.

These hoop houses are a big deal for our farm production. The past two years, due to the weather conditions, we were unsuccessful growing tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. The evenings ended up being colder than what the plants liked, and the wind coming off the water was a bit too cool for them.

So, waaaa laa, we think (and hope) the hoop houses have solved the wide swing in the temperatures. These hoop houses will be taken down each October and put up again in the early spring. We're hoping to build a stationary hoop house sometime this season.

Also, the main garden is doing great! I'll be posting pictures ... soon. We're ready to harvest lettuce, kale, kohlrabi and green onions. Make it a great day!

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